Frieze – Thomas Dane Stand F13 and many more.

Put it back together again.

Walead al Beshty art piece glass, silicone, metal, tape, plywood and screws; decides gravity is in the natural order of things as it starts to fall off its pedestal at the stand F13. Bystanders are shocked as the piece decides that where it sits is not big enough. The person at the stand was quick to the rescue and spent part of the afternoon trying to put it back together again. ‘What do we do when we fall down; we get up‘, yeah bullshit.  [..A really bad line from Batman the movie].

F13 Thomas Dane Stand

It is pretty much what is represented at the Frieze art  fair just a performance but not really much to inspire in content or make one feel that when we walk away what we are told to be art has relevance to us as people; does it add to culture too our human spirit? Does it raise my sense of being that we as people have achieved perfection or is it not just surreptitious?

What remains as forms of art could be liken to a state of mind of a period. The art world seems to tell me that the reminiscent will be of the capitalist banker, the cold dead investments that the art was made for. It really does not matter anything goes banality is a good thing and boredom is the new great feeling.

Walead Beshty art work

“When objects have a plastic value, they hold such a suggestive power that it is easier to make it perceptible than to divert attention from it….In order to exist, the object must allow itself to be appreciated. A museum should be a place where a drowsy visitor is thrilled by contact with sublime works of art. The real magnet for tourism is historical and artistic curiosity. Instead of taking advantage of this unique and incomparable opportunity of teaching through direct contact with objects, one loses one’s way in the series of other educational processes which aim to transmit more or less superficial knowledge by means of purely intellectual concepts.”

[p175, Pierre Bourdieu andAlain Darbel – Love of Art; Art in Modern Culture an anthology of critical texts edited by Francis Frascina and Jonathan Harris; 1992 Published by Phaidon Press Ltd London and The Open University.]

Put Back Together Again

Hiding and suggesting through a paramount of advertising mucus. That is used to create a feel good factor playing on the psychology of people’s minds. Adding value where there is none. Producing untold amounts of text to create something flexible, to conceptualize and raise the dead, fixing us with educational mind constraints. Forgetting the most important element of why one does art; curiosity! Where is it hiding, under the box under the stairs? What ever happened to passion, quality, feeling? None of these fly out and smack me about and make me feel wanted. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! its only dream….. Fuck it’s the yellow brick road.

Put Back Together Again

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