Lindsey Sterling, Dubstep Violin Pixie

Not as though you hadn’t noticed, but I can’t help remarking that the world of music is changing. New, cheap, technology is allowing all manner of new sounds to be created, leading to exciting new fusions between electronic sounds and those derived from more traditional instruments.

Solo violin doesn’t usually tend to have mass market appeal. But how about if you mash it up with dubstep? Lindsay Sterling, a 26 year old from Utah is doing just that. She broke into the music business after appearing on the 2010 America’s Got Talent. It’s hard not to think Kate Bush has been reincarnated at a violinist for the new millennium. But instead of moving like  she just came out of drama school, this girl takes gyrating with a violin onto a whole new level.

It’s a reminder that if you combine the art of video making with a bright young talent and a fresh new sound, you might just have something with huge appeal.

So now she’s making it big with high production videos, over a 100 million hits on YouTube, and a US tour. Let’s hope she makes it over to the UK soon; sod Kraftwerk, this young lady should be playing the Tate Modern Turbine Hall.

(Note: Tate Modern just announced that Kraftwerk will play their back catalogue in the Turbine Hall in February. Should be fun. Read about it in The Guardian here.)

Read much more about the pixie Violin lady on Wiki here.

Footnote: Ms Sterling is now America’s second most famous Mormon (after Mitt Romney).

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