Review: Jordan Rodgers – Nancy Victor Gallery

The New Babylon at Nancy Victor Gallery (also a shop) has a small show of work by Jordan Rodgers. They are drawings of different city landscapes that are a montaged together; created using one of the many apps available for download on to a tablet. The effect is graphic drawings with a lot of movement. The working of these drawings were recorded whilst actively engaging with what was interpreted visually. These recordings were then edited with sounds of the local area and fused together to make a short animation.

It would be interesting to see these developed into larger hand drawings on paper to bring in scale. Obviously the restrictions of the pad or tablet one is using limits scale. OK you can blow them up and obliterate the line if you so wished but seeing drawings drawn with a pencil still has something in itself. We should not forget that the tablet is another tool and no more than that to a collection of many varied tools available to artists to use and this should not be forgotten. They all have their own aesthetics and uses.

Jordan’s cityscapes are interesting to view and he is a good drafts person. It is worth to take a look at the show if you are in the area. The connections of journey and psychogeography are all very interesting subjects being looked at for a while now by many different people but there needs to be a little twist somewhere to add a new dimension to add oneself and I am not talking about style. Jordan seems to be treading an interesting path I wonder where it will take him if he is prepared to jump off a cliff and take some risks.

All the drawings on sale would not hurt the pocket of anyone who likes art so if you are looking for a birthday present or valentine’s gift why don’t you try here its a great place to start.

Nancy Victor Gallery, 6 Charlotte Place, London, W1T 1SG

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