Review: Greengrassi Gallery

Artists Jennifer Steinkamp and Joanne Greenbaum

Two American women artists working in very different mediums exhibit at the Greengrassi gallery, which can be found off the Kennington Road. Situated in the same building as Cori-Mora but on the ground floor. I like this space you can pretty much show large or small art works here with still plenty of space for more.

Painterly Drawings

by Joanne Greenbaum

Joanne has created colourful graphic painterly drawings that are ok to look at but they don’t offer a lot if you expect some sort of narrative to chew on. They are not conceptual works but kind of abstract explorations using drawing around the same area. I am not so keen on them myself there does not seem to be any progression or development of these abstracts to something greater they are just the same in a sense.

She seems to have spent a lot of time focusing on developing this type of work. They may well appeal to some people but not me. There is a large quantity of painterly drawings registered in two rows one above the other along the wall in the space. All of them seem connected into one large piece. Kind of like an intervention in the wall-space as the space does seem to be noticeable.

Jennifer creates animated video. She is interested in architectural space, motion and perception. My first impression of the work was they were good and they were interesting to watch. The Tree going through the motions of its natural cycle from autumn to summer or the colourful meteors bouncing off one another. Coming away though I kind of thought that the work lacked something and I am still trying place my finger on it. They somehow lacked any depth that you would say see in a painting or drawing etc.

The projected luminous colours on to a wall or floor of a building ok fine; but they speak nothing of space really they are just projected images on the building. Perception seems to be a word that artists should drop including myself. With the digital technology our relationships with reality is different and virtual concepts are evolving all the time.

Tree Animation

by Jennifer Steinkamp

It is not a bad show and if you are going to visit the Cori-Mora pottery show you should visit here to. Before I left soup with bread and cheese was available to warm people up on a cold evening which was a pleasant change to beer.

Running from 12th January to 23rd February 2013

1a Kemsford Road, London, SE11 4NU

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