Review: Navid Nuur, Phantom Fuel – Parasol Unit

Currently Navid Nuur has a show at the Parasol Unit showing selected works. One can say they have an essence of interaction and sensation. One may consider him to be conceptual artist but he does not except the premise of being categorized as someone who works in a particular manner.

His interests lie in phenomenological experience the illusion or misconceived mental understanding of what you are viewing; in simple terms where your perception equips your senses with forms that one uses to understand ones environment for example when you see red and blue one associates it to hot and cold.

He uses all sorts of medium to create interplay, light, macro and micro in his work to express sensations. Described as visual manifestations of ideas which are subjective and temporary situations that may occur. The works are treated as relational and feed off each other.

On a shelf in the first room to the right are these odd shaped objects that look like they are cobbled together waste products with a light within. When one looks in to see what is within the objects placed on the shelf one sees a micro environment with figures standing and shadows.

There was simple hanging strips of sand paper which one must pass through to another room. It is only when one arrives near the doorway that one notices the nature of the material; it plays on the contact, the feeling being uncomfortable with its roughness that is specific to sand paper.

The next room had a ice pop projected by light melting into a bucket. A spy hole looking back into the previous room pointing towards the far wall where the image is illuminated whilst when in the previous room the coloured shapes are flat and bland.

Upstairs a layered message of text placed on sheets of glass. A play on words. A broken circle made from a red fluorescent tube. These are but a few of the works on display.

The show was very good and it did draw one into the work to understand it more. They kind of remind me of kinetic art of Bridget Riley although quite different and also of Escher. This idea of play seemed to be something quite ingrained in the art work and a great deal of exploration. The physical finish was not necessarily aesthetically pleasing to look at but the importance of these works was not in there beauty but in the interaction with the person. All quite different sorts of modules of thought or kind of small discoveries.

The show runs from 13th March to 19th May 2013 with various events around this period.

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