Review: Martin Gustavsson – Maria Stenfors

Paint – Indentations

He is originally from Sweden but now lives and works in London. Traveling between his home country and London lecturing. His paintings are precisely crafted. I would say graphic illustration the high end, kind of baroque feel in some respects with hard lines which seems to be the very much an interest of people at the moment.

I liked the paintings which I read first but on second inspection I noticed these other kinds of additions in respect of a metal frame, tyre, straps connected to some of the pictures which I kind of thought was not really necessary as the paintings are good. They kind of gave the paintings a hard urban edge but the items should have been rougher, used and dirty to set off the cleanness of the paintings. The artist may be has other ideas to push the paintings into a more sculptural form but this may require a larger space and possibly a bit of risk taking with more experimentation. It is always difficult to get the balance as an artist especially when you have a gallery that has clients it wants to please within a set time period.

The paintings have a neo-classical connection the figures are of feminine male torso’s that according to the press release were drawn from the sculptures that can be found in the Gothenburg Museum of Art. The paintings are well conceived using oil, acrylic and pen. There are references in the release to film frames or snapshots and ready mades which I am not so sure about. For me the artist has everything in his hand but it seems may be he feels the need that he should reference his peers. These paintings are contemporary and stand out and they speak of art for what it is and should be.

Definitely a show to see set in a unique gallery space. Go! and don’t question.

The Gallery Maria Stenfors is located on 21 Wren Street unit 10, London WC1. Open Tue-Fri 11-6pm and Sat 11-3pm or by appointment.

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