Imaginative Space – Mokspace gallery

Sung Young Park and Sam Shiels

The shows theme is about the subconscious mind and the two artists are both painters who have a very different take.

Sung Young’s work is very hard and graphic; playing on appropriation juxtaposed to her own ideas interested in the psychological concepts of space, time, dreams. After speaking to her she said the colours are all made from powder form so the colours are quite unique and crisp. Presently her focus has moved to a more abstract, text form of painting.

Sam Shiels painting is very much organic kind of abstracts. Connecting movement with levels of consciousness and relationships of the body with thought process. The works kind of remind me of Chagall, Edvard Munch although not the same the movement and colours are similar. They are fluid like and partly intuitive in form allowing a randomness with the paintings.

This show is located near the British Museum. The gallery Mokspace is relatively new with a focus on exhibiting artists from Korea, Japan and China.

Exhibition runs: 30th April – 12th May 2013

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