Euroart Open Studios

Open Studios

This weekend if you think you would like to go out and view some art. I would suggest the Euroart’s open studios. They have around 70 artists studios with all manner of work available; there is something for everyone. The people are enthusiastic and very friendly and are open to converse with you about what they do.

There are a good selection and high standard of artists . One wonders why galleries do not do the rounds at places like this to pick out probably the cream to sell on in the market place. My feeling is that may be they feel they know better.

I actual question this whether they feel out of their depths and are not really discovering what could be the next Picasso or rather what is really going on is they are just going to the known colleges under agreements and picking up students who still do not have an in-depth portfolio and experience; to make these colleges look good. People do not question this enough and if this is what is going on I would suspect colleges are not producing a high enough stand. They may feel the need to resort to this to continue and plough in more art students, saturating the place with a form of poverty within the arts.

Any way putting this aside the artists at the Euroart studios seem content with their lot despite the usual difficulties to overcome. It makes one feel that to have a studio here would be a good thing. They are involved in projects like many other studio groups that artists are freely able to get involved if they want to put in the time.

I was at the preview evening yesterday and I must say I had a pleasant time. The studios are managed by Directors Loraine and Nigel who do a great deal for the artists who have studios with them. The building is set in an industrial park and is relatively easy to find. They have good ties with the local community as the local council are keen for them to be in Tottenham as they were helped to relocate when they had to leave their previous building.

I would suggest you go here if you have the time. You will have a good time.

Euroart Studios
Unit 5 – Gaunson House
Markfield Road, Tottenham, London, N15 4QQ.

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