Review: Helen Maurer at Danielle Arnaud

Light and Glass

The artist Helen Maurer has developed a body of work particularly for the show at the Danielle Arnaud. She uses glass, light and video as her medium. They are beautiful sensual type objects. A kind of nostalgia reminds me a little of a collection of glass wear that people use to store in their special room for display purposes.

Helen has taken a natural step and started to play with the light relying less on colour and more on the shapes created from within when the light hits the glass.

This show is a particularly interesting play with light that are almost like drawings. Some of the projections created had a shining light reflected on to physical glass spinning round on  turntables and others were projected videos on loop. These art works simple but effective show up the patterns found in blown glass; they dance on the wall, almost ghostly elements of the shapes hidden in glass twine and twist.

The group of glasses in the cabinet are Victorian by nature and look to have been collected, there is a sense of a cocktail party, art nouveau, nature. The house of Danielle Arnaud worked well as a space lending to the connections of past and present.

The three videos upstairs the objects merge or become part of the background as glass that passed over them changes there look. As the light waves reflecting off the object are changed with the glass.

The opening was on mid summers eve and the weather was not too bad. We were lucky enough to be in the garden for a while. It was an end to a pleasurable evening.

Opens 21st June – 14th July 2013

Danielle Arnaud, 123 Kennington Road, London SE11

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