Review: Documentary Film by Anand Patwardhan Tate Modern

 Meeting a friend for coffee.

I was invited by a friend to meet up on Saturday last for coffee which turned into a ticket to see a film which was a nice surprise. I was pleased I went. It was part of a series of films running at the Tate Modern by Anand Patwardhan. They are documentaries about issues in India which have a universal aspect about problems facing many countries across the globe like radicalism, globalisation etc etc.

Anand sets his films in a very engaging way asking the correct questions to open the debate and show the ignorance that occurs with many of the issues at stake, as well as many truths that are hidden from people by very unsavory characters one can only imagine have no love in their hearts.

The film I saw was “Ram Ke Nam / In the name of God”. It was about the radicalism of Hindu beliefs against Muslim communities for political gain by the VHP fundamentalist party. Encouraging a crusade to knock down a 16th century Barbri Mosque and replace it with a Hindu temple, inciting people to riot along the way. Many people were killed in the process creating reprisals and counter-reprisals later on.

It was well documented where all the views were heard quite clearly and it was obvious many of the radical Indians really were being duped into thinking that what they did was righteous. This was purely one element of the issues occurring in India which had many similarities to problems occurring around the world that have been in the planning over many decades. All in the name of power and greed here in the UK and abroad.

There are three more shows left to see on at the Tate modern. If you have time I would suggest you go. Particularly if you are keen to know more about India and its politics;

Wednesday 24th July:  Pitr, Putr Aur Dharmayuddha / Father, Son and Holy War – 120mins Hindi, English Subtitles.

Friday 26th July:  Jang Aur Aman / War and Peace – 135mins Hindi, Japanese, English Subtitles.

Sunday 28th July:  Jai Bhim Comrade – 180mins Hindi, English Subtitles.

2 thoughts on “Review: Documentary Film by Anand Patwardhan Tate Modern

  1. Hi Jon
    I am so glad that you wrote about these films. I found the work so encouraging in the sense of effectively being active politically as an artist and film maker. Anan is an activist and he shows his work in India for different groups followed by discussions.
    I will go and see the rest of them.

    • Thanks Marisa

      I am glad you like the article. After seeing the documentary it was the only correct thing to do. Anan deserves recognition for being good for what he is producing.


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