Journey on the gallery trail

Summer is over and the yule log is being chopped ready for the sales. The galleries are back and have begun to service people once more. Again reading the listings and a few of the emails I receive. The gallery trail is targeting clients and passing trade after the summer recess. In the hope to catch the first buyers returning from their holidays.

There was not much time to visit all the places as there was to many to go around. They all open at the same time clearly someone forgot that we can’t be everywhere at once. The idea was to begin at Cole’s gallery up near Liverpool street. Then move west. There was not much going on in a social context because it was still quite early on arrival. I left not really thinking very much after a brief look at what was on. The next stop was in Heddon Street. At ye old Pippy Houldsworth. She has been around for some time. Previously showing artist for about ten years prior to opening a gallery in London.

The art material are all glossy consumer type bags with fine letters all over them cut out into paper trees all very beautiful and girly, no place for us men. All made by the artist Yuken Teruya. They kind of remind me of Bill Woodrow’s sculptures that were made from everyday appliances creating new forms. The context here is more different related to consumerism and symbols of the environment.

Moving on to Sadie Cole’s in South Audley street in the hope I might find me a meal in the way of brain food. I met another drifter I occasionally meet. We walk in together and take a beer and chat for while all the usual sorts of subjects relating to the diffculties of being in London. To many people are effected but politicains seem to want to drive away the local population and replace it with their friends. Any way getting back to the show, there are all these words my reading isn’t very good, its all text based the art that is. Its difficult to draw out meaning as the words are abstracted, text play across as they move and struggle. Trying to fix what they say is deliberately difficult. Its all by the artist Shannon Ebner.

We planned to move on to Timothey Taylors as last orders were near at hand and found we had another person tagging along who would join up with her friends later. As we arrived at Timothey Taylors we only had time to look around before we were asked to leave. They are abstracted works. A kind of macro view based on Polaroid photos of domestic settings by the swiss artist Liliane Tomasko.

We then mosey on down to a new joint the Sumarria Lunn gallery, a group show curated by Kate Pantling. Who I had a brief chance to chat with before she was whisked into another conversation. The group show is performance related and are documented images in a sense; for example the one that attracted me was by the artist Echo Morgan who used her own body as the painted surface and are of classic Chinese plants, almost ceramic like and presented as photographs. It was a good event in all but it was time to be leaving.

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