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22[0] Self-Reflections and Staircase

On a rainy evening. I trek to visit an installation way out in darkest East London; well it was dark of course about 20:10. On arrival it was quiet in the street so was unsure if the event had been called off. Thinking blast all this way in the rain. Buzzing the Chisenhale Art Place on level one there is no answer. Walked around up and down a bit then down a street the school is on and hear voices talking; ha ha. Approaching the sounds to find Uliana and a group of people talking near a doorway entrance of the Chisenhale school playground preparing to go somewhere.

Thank god for that. They all look at me and seem pleased to see someone else has turned up in this weather. We walked over to the Chisenhale Art Place where one of the installations was located inside. It reminded me of the constructivist Naum Gabo who happens to be one of the artists I greatly admire. A harp like construction appropriately called ‘Staircase’ using the building as the construct to work from. A play with the interior architecture changing the space of the stairwell up the floors into a intricate web of transparent fishing wire all equally spaced apart.



“Staircase” and “22[0] Self-Reflections” – is a play between presence and absence where an illusion of a physicality, both of a space and body, is transferred through transparency and motion. There is no static. Nothing is defined. Everything moves appearing and disappearing simultaneously. [Uliana]



The installation at the school ’22[0] Self-Reflections’ is located in the Peep Hole Gallery in the playground of Chisenhale School. A small room furnished with square mirrors attached to lengths of fishing wire from the floor to the roof . Bathed in a red light which change the reflections and shadows. One saw parts of one self reflected in different mirrors which became abstracted. The glow of red from the door in the darkness made it intriguing.

I have to say it turned out to be a generally good evening people did make an effort to visit despite the weather. There was opportunity to chat in Uliana’s studio and meet some new people. Although Uliana was wet through when I left, saying good buy. I hope she does not fall ill.

22[0] Self-Reflections” at Chisenhale School open hours [usually 8am-4pm, some days till 6pm] throughout the year till next September. “Staircase” at Chisenhale Art Place till 1st October 2013 10am-6pm by 1st floor buzzer or they are both by appointment including evening and weekends [uliana.apatina@gmail , 07944401310].

There will be an open weekend held by Chisenhale Art Place where both installations available together with my new installation at my studio 7 : Friday 27 September 6-9pm, Saturday 28 September 12-6pm and Sunday 28 September 12-5pm. For tours to my installation at Chisenhale School people need to come to my studio 7 and ask me to accompany them to school. If I’m not on place in studio 7 they are very welcome to call me: 07944401310.

Chisenhale School [entrance at the gates on Vivian Road E3 5QY] and tours to Chisenhale Art Place ‘Staircase’ [64-84 Chisenhale Road E3 5QZ]

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