MA Fine Art Degree Show Kingston University

Walking from Surbiton station for about fifteen minutes to the Stanley Picker and The Swan Gallery. I arrive at the MA Fine Art degree show of students from Kingston University. It was quite a scenic place beside a small river with a pub near by. It has been some time since I have been to a degree show and it was a good change rather than doing the usual preview in a gallery.

One has to be open minded at an event like this because what one finds is an ecclectic mix of many different visions of art. It cannot be easy to curate a show like this and create some sort of balance that people will engage with.

It was a pleaseant show with plenty to view. There was some interesting videos, installations, text, drawing and print. Funny thinking about it I only saw two painters in the show. In all a good show. My friend Shirine Osseiran was showing here and I was surprised to see a change to what she was doing before which can only be a good thing. I know her for being a painter but the work she had created were large digital photocollage prints. I can still see her painting some how within the work. They are more performance based in some respects. The panoramic one particularly with figures moving as if dancing.

There was an interesting video projected on to water from below by UJ Lee and we looked from above down on to person below performing. Also the installation ‘Procession’ by Rob MacPherson and Annabel Pettigrew (Ox Art) was very good. There were all what one could relate to as standards of flags with symbols all very medieval in style.

Wondering around for a while feeling a little lost I decide its time to go home. I get the bus from Kingston which turned out to be very busy. We must have stopped and every stop along the way home.

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