Review: Frith Street Gallery

Anna Barriball surfaces

The show at the Frith Street gallery was muted in some respects in the sense that the works were minimal. As a show they came together and had some connection but as individual pieces they really do little to inspire. I felt nothing. I am not sure what was expected of me in some respects. I waltz in with the hope to be delighted I suppose. May be I am just lazy and should have worked harder.

Textured surfaces taken from architecture were a form of mark making and exploration. The videos were seven in all and were coloured or should I say tinted and were kind of recordings of surface in a different aspect. Referenced as an exploration of natural and artificial light from shadows and reflections. Although this does not come through but this may be to do with changes made in the colour to became sort of graphic elements. I think art in one respect has become less fine and distressed and to much like a graphic novel. There are no risks any more everything is finished and perfect or should I say commercial.

Commercialism or capitalism whatever you prefer to call it is the destruction of the fine arts. Unfortunately this is what the galleries face. Clients who have no real understanding of art who are brain washed into brands and names like terrorists to believe they have an investment. That art cannot have rough edges and be falling apart, not be worth anything in few years time. Bought because they like it or it says something to them. There are not that many Picasso’s out there wake up!

This may be a beginning of ideas that are coming together but one feels that the exploration requires to be pushed a lot further to really bring her thoughts out. The graphic elements should be dropped and allow the real shadows and light to be seen. The pieces work together but they lack a strength to stand on their own. May be I am being harsh but one can see that the game can be raised. There is something but not enough.

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