Review: Whiteout – 100 Years Gallery

Whiteout –  curated by Jill Rock

Jill invited artists, musicians, poets, writers and performers to explore their relationship to WHITE whether it be scientific, social, mythical, psychological, religious or aesthetic. Celebrating that split second of WHITEOUT – the imagination is accessed and the artist has the freedom to improvise.

Jill Rock Whiteout Performance

I went to the opening event which was very enjoyable. There were many people there that I had not seen for some time so was great to see them again. The works of course were white but the variety were like precious stones in a box. Varying whites and shades. The objects were varying a cultural mash of ideas and thoughts.

There was a performance called CYCLOPS - by Jo Roberts and KMAT, plus Grassy Noel’s Journey In White, Jill Rock and Nicky Heinen’s Be Not Afeared, and Giles Leaman’s Solo performance on self invented instruments. It was very contemporary and the music experimental and really out there pushing boundries. The sounds were pleasing and quite connected and different at the same time.



Saturday December 7th. 7:00 – 10:30: Films night: Robert Robertson, The River That Walks, Nicky Scott Francis, Obscurity, Mervyn Diese, New White Mix
Sunday December 8th. 3pm – 6pm an afternoon of improvisation with Will Miles (flute), Matt Scott (accordion), Gabriel Keen (piano) and Ivor Kallin (viola)


Further Events

Saturday 14th. 7.30 – 10.30: Jaime Valtierra programmed improvised event: ‘The Waiting’ with Eve Tenenbaum, Sofia Figurido, Eloise Carles, Grassy Noel, Jill Rock, Nicky Heinen, Yuri Pirondi, Ines Von Bonhorst, Cos Chapman

Sunday 15th. 3pm – 6pm; Mask Making Workshop with Jo Roberts, and live music from Bitten By A Monkey with Steven Myers, Dylan Bates, Roland Bates…..

Saturday 21st 7:00 – 10:30 : Saturnalia – a night of mis-rule

Sunday 22nd Gilgamesh 3pm – 6pm- interpretation by Richard Cardew, reading by Jill Rock accompanied by Nicky Heinen

Saturday January 4th and Sunday January 5th; post coital poetry bash (details to be announced).

WHITE WORKS by: Anna Burel, Anna Sikorska, Edward Smith, Elizabet Chojak-mysko, Gerald Shepherd, Jaime Valtierra, Jo Roberts, Jo Wonder, Jolanta Jagiello, Li Williams, Lorraine Clarke, Mary Lemley, M Gallego, Mervyn Diese, Miyuki Kasahara, Nicky Scott-Francis, Noel Macken, Penny Newell, Raffaella Losapio, Richard Cardew, Thomas Cardew, Valentina Colella, Vittoria, Biasi, Wayne Chisnall. Sound Installations by Frederik Lecok, Graham Mackeachan and Cos Chapman
















100 Year Gallery, 13 Pearson Street, London, E2 8JD. Nearest station is Hoxton (overground).

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