The artist should lead

I don’t believe artists are being allowed to lead the direction of art due to corporatisation and the media that has established or encamped itself in the field of art. People with money, power are dictating what art is; propaganda in a global sense.  Using Duchamp as an excuse for everything really does a disservice to Duchamp the artist. Although I have to say some people seem quite happy to play along.

The postmodern period seems to be nearing its end in many ways. Britain as a country is in debt of around £1.5 Trillion and still printing money or should I say Quantative easing.  The banks pretend and the bureaucrats continue as if everything is fine and tell us the economy is great. The rest of the world is not doing much better of course either. People are starting to question the way we do things and that the system is only working for a small corrupt minority. That may be change is imminent.

Capitalism does not really have much to say for itself apart from more banal objects; stuff off the shelf. That will probably fall apart or fade and I am talking about art. Not just the consumer driven society of cheap short pleasures.

‘Not everyone can be an artist just like not everyone can be a brick layer. Otherwise the wall will eventually fall and crumble.’

Paying someone else to do it, fabricators as some people would call them i.e. other artists. Kind of misses the point of what it means to be an artist. I would never ask someone else to do it if I could not do it myself. Then why would I want someone else doing it. There would be no spirit or soul in the work I would not be connected to it. I would be an administrator or a banker, a sales man.

There is too much emphasis on the idea, concept, individualism, centralisation gone mad; someone has been reading too much Derrida and Foucoult. What we have is art just skimming the surface not really exploring, understanding anything. Going from one idea to another but not really digging very deep and nothing to connect them as art works. Here is one I knocked out earlier, a very shallow grave.

The artist should not be encouraged to follow a certain line of enquiry because it sells. What ends up happening we have the same discussion which is like a glitch on a scratched record repeating itself. The art work is all the same and not relative to the moment.  No wonder we have this banal tumour on our brains called captalism.

Wake up let the artist lead and allow things to evolve rather than interfere or nurture. Just allow the thing to happen in its own way wild and chaotic because things happen. Jump off a cliff, or I should say take a leap of faith.

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