Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts

We came, we saw, we Glastonburyed.

The iconic festival drew us to its bosom and spat us out five days later after an orgy of music, world food, mud, tenting, smelly, dirty toilets, and the visitation of the biggest ego in rapping – Kanye West, who, despite flashes of genius, failed to deliver the musical boner that he promised.

Oh well, what Kanye couldnt grasp, a red-headed goddess known as Florence eagerly grabbed. For it was this 29 year old mystical indie rocker who, on Friday night, seized the chance to replace the planned headliners Foo Fighters and make a million hearts flutter with her incantations of the likes of ‘Dog Days are Over’ and ‘You’ve got the love’. She ran, she jumped, she embraced the crowd. She was undoubtedly the queen of Glasto 2015.

The Who, who headlined the final day, were the polar opposites. Despite being ageing grandads, they are still channeling the rage of youth by virtue of some of the best songs in the rock and roll canon. Opening with ‘Who Are You?’ And then running through all the greats including ‘I can see for Miles’, ‘My Generation’ and ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’. And yes, despite being 70, Daltrey nailed the scream at the end of the latter. In case you don’t know it is probably the most famous scream in Rock’n'Roll, and enough to send most of the 100,000 crowd at the Pyramid Stage into a frenzy of sorts.

Glastonbury has its critics – particularly as the lineup this year was a bit lacking – but it is the Oasis of festivals. It doesn’t give a toss what you think because it is the most amazing and best loved festival in the UK by a country mile, some would say in e world.

On my first day I spent a glorious couple of hours in the ‘Green Fields’ which is the location for craft and healing stuff, but my eyes and ears were averted by a crowd of 30 or so souls surrounding a piano, placed in a clearing for anyone to use. Various festivalgoers were taking turns on the piano while the crowd sung along. It was a special moment delivering smiles and laughs aplenty. It felt that this was what Glastonbury was all about whatever the big acts delivered – just people making and enjoying music together in the sunshine.

I knew in a moment why people come year after year.

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