Collage – Arturo Herrera

The wall paper of photos taken by the artist to me seemed unnecessary it really did not add anything to the works of mixed media made. If anything I don’t believe people seemed to pay much attention to it.

Despite this the works themselves that are hung were interesting pieces; paint covered books, to canvas with felt, paint and small wood panels with different layers; referencing modernism and abstraction, creating these relief type objects in a 3-Dimensional form.

Untitled, Collage 2015

by Arturo Herrera
Faculty Band

It highlights the power of modernism that still holds in its post era and although we no-longer adhere to its concept people still aspire to the ideals of a utopia where the world is a fairer and better place.

In a way art presently seems to be drained of any real forward motion but seems stuck and unable to negotiate out. A lot of artists perceive this to be due to the corporatisation of the arts. As a friend said to me the other day we are in the dark ages of art. You don’t need to know how to draw to be an artist or have any real talent you can get someone else to do it. It is all about the surface without the need to know or feel anything. It is about investing in something that someone tells you will hold its value.

Where anti-art (dada) sole purpose was to stick two fingers up at the bourgeoisie it has become about ideas and supposedly questions. The problem with this is that they keep asking the same question, presenting similar ideas and not really going anywhere. We are unsure of ourselves in the current climate of uncertainty. People, community and real culture they create are no longer important and kept on the boundary of society.

Arturo Herrera’s art kind of hint’s this that what remains of art is dislocated and broken. The art works clearly are of interest and may suggest that there are ways forward.  But whether what he offers is the right path cannot be said. If you have a chance to see the show then it is worth a visit to the Thomas Dane Gallery in London.

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