Gianni Colombo – Kinetic

The Italian Kinetic artist Gianni Colombo died back in 1993 left various experimental materials, ideas and works. The exhibition at the Robilant + Voena gallery is the first show of his art in the UK by curate Francesca Pola. The work in the exhibition represents the first twenty years of his career. He was very much interested in active connections and the experience in art. He created environments and objects that engaged in different manners with an alternative notion of perception and conform to a more contemplative interactive use of the object.

Taking this new type of stance, optical, the illusion which is still very much used and has some part to play is used in a rather more physical and psychological way. The ‘illusion of being’ in the context of a human search for escapism, spiritual and a religious dimension (in the way one should be) was very much of the renaissance. In some ways it is very much a discussion people have still but in a more spatial interaction that continues to this day in the form of the installation.

The show represents an interesting array of moving, interactive and still works. Upstairs were pictures, preparatory drawings using simple lines and space to create effects that were dimensional using the known concepts of renaissance perspectives to very minimal forms one could adjust. Also were some sculptures; a Polyvinyl, lamps and programmer with tension regulator on wood structure which lit up according to the tension of the wood, a 10 minute video of white symbols merging into one another. Down stairs on the first floor the work is more mechanical also a installation which you can walk through.

Many of the works needed to be turned on but the gallery tended not to leave the works on for too long because of their mechanical nature and for their age. Like any object things become worn out and fragile, no longer able to function as they were first initiated. It reminded me of the Japanese cultural interest in ‘Wasabi’ where the object becomes more fascinating and interesting with time being old or worn. Its use or purpose changed. Although minimalist and abstract in style the work that Gianni made is much more. It offers the potential to the person to be a part of the work to view oneself within it rather from a distance.

The exhibition runs until 20th November 2015 if you are interested interactive art then this is the show for you and one would not find any better event.

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