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Werner Haypeter show

Werner has been working in abstraction for a while although why not just call it what it is ‘minimal’ the recent work at the Annely Juda Fine Art gallery the colour is limited to a simple strip, either translucent opacity explored. It is almost like the painted strips are excessive in a way questioning the purpose of the abstracted object.

The Lots of resin, polypropylene his studio must have quite a toxic smell making objects that are perfect and highly formed. This is an OK show but like much the exploration could go a lot further. I suppose it all depends on the relationship with the artist, gallery and its clients. Is he free to explore or is he making what they ask for. Obviously there has to be a balance of for both parties as the relationship galleries have to be able to sell the art to their clients.

I can see so much that can be explored here. These works could have sweet smells to play on psychological aspects of the mind or could become virtual presentations that can be held. For me there are no questions here as these questions already have been explored it just what the corporate world would buy into. People that really are not interested in art just want to say they are buying from an important gallery that has a reputation for great art and it does.

I think the corporate world needs to be taught it is wrong in all its views in respect of art; attitudes have to change to be more open about what they purchase. OK they don’t want their clients to be distracted but then why bother putting up any art in the first place just so the wall is not bare!

They would be better to allow their employees put pictures of their families up on the walls to make the office into a place like home rather than the cold boring hard places they are and will always be unless attitudes change. Architects also need to change because they clearly don’t care about the work force that sits in their terrible high rise structures that should be knocked down and have something more geared to family and communal work. Not only would the quality of work improve so would the quality of their staff. They like to think they build temples but I can tell you there is no spiritual goings on in these places nobody cares for them except the nuts who built them, most people are pleased to be going home at the end of the day and wake up wishing they did not have to go in. Oh they look OK on the outside but they clearly don’t bother about the everyday usage inside.

Putting this aside if you enjoy minimal art then you would not find a better quality of work. The abstract has been stretched to a point; each work connects to each other as a project and at the same time quite individual. I particularly liked the paper works as minimal pieces it is difficult not to draw on paper especially as an artist. This show is on until 21st of October so there is plenty of time to go and see it.

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