Welcome to The Yellow House Blog – a random discussion about art, as we find it.

This blog is first and foremost a celebration and critique of art and artists in London, where we are based. We focus primarily on modern art but also dabble with artists working in music, film, and other creative activities. We are inspired by the creative spirit and are trying to track its path through our lives telling you about what we like, hate, and perhaps occasionally, what we are indifferent about.

Clearly there will be a mixed response to the blog, but we expect to see this as an open discussion not a place of negativity. We hope this is seen as a publication of open-ended questions that will stimulate all who read and try to create more questions. Above all we hope to be writing about things that interest/amuse/excite us all.

As to the name of our blog. It was inspired by a certain Vincent Van Gogh. In some ways his house was a beginning and an end. Something all good publications ultimately have.

We welcome your feedback.

Ken Young, Editor

Jon Gershon, Creative Director

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