Venice Biennale – Poland

The Polish work by Konrad Smoleński titled “Everything was Forever until it was no more,” is an impressive sound art work consisting of two huge bells which ring every hour for five minutes or so. The sound from the bells is recorded in some manner and played back through huge decks of speakers at either end of the gallery creating a mixture of reverb and other tonal sounds. Highly effective and VERY loud.

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Venice Biennale 2013

Unusually for this time of the year it rained in Venice. A lot.

So the thousands of media luvvies and art insiders that attended the preview week at the 2013 Venice  Biennale (VB) had to trudge from venue to venue armed with colourful brollies and with facial expressions that seemed to say: “When is this going to STOP? This is Venice for God’s sake.” read more