Unseen – London, Paris, New York 1930s-60s

Unseen – curate Katy Barron

A group show of three renowned living photographers Wolfgang Suschitzky, Dorothy Bohm, Neil Libbert whose work show the past as it was in Paris, London and New York picturing the everyday. All the photographs are black and white as you would expect of pre and post war era showing people going about their daily lives in respective cities. They were taken by photographers who were new to these cities without any preconceived expectations arriving with little or no knowledge of the problems that lie under the surface of most countries. read more

Review: Photographers Gallery – Perspective on Collage

Photographers; Laura Letinsky, Geraldo de Barros curated by Isobel Whitelegg.

It it has been a while since I put my head round the corner of this gallery and I was pleased to have done so. The focus of the exhibition came across clearly as ‘collage’ without necessitating the reading of the title of the exhibition. It presents the work of photography in a particular manner. I am quite keen on collage in all its forms but it is not something that is easy to do well. read more

Photography – Saatchi Gallery

Out of Focus in more than one dynamic.

This is a mixed bag and one will find a variety of different photographers with a different approach. Computer technology has brought so many things but it affects our concentration levels. It is all a blur or should I say out of focus. In a way the gallery is just becoming an extension adding to the amount one can visualise through the eye of a camera. There is no longer time to be free of imagery one almost becomes immune and just starts seeing through it like it is wallpaper. read more