Jean-Etienne Liotard at the Royal Academy of Arts

The Pastelist

The 18th Century artist Jean-Etienne Liotard from Switzerland is little known today in the UK although he spent two years here and was in contact with Royal Stuart family and Hanoverians whom gave him many commissions. Much of his work is in private collections and in some way part of the reason for his obscurity. He made portraits of rich society people who had either established themselves as business merchants, were in law or were Kings, Queens, and Sultans. read more

Review: The London Original Print Fair – The Royal Academy

Usual Suspects

This annual event is always very good to visit. If you would like to buy art simply to hang on your wall or just simply to browse and look at the prints then this is a great place to spend a few hours of your day. They have something for everyone here and it will not put you out of pocket by that much if you go to shop. read more