Review: Group show at the Man & Eve Gallery

Once upon a time

If one has the space and time out of ones busy schedule. This show is worth a visit. The art work is of a high quality and the show is well thought through. It is a group show based around one of the artists who passed away some time ago Dom Sylvester Houédard. The other artists responded to the work are Aliki Braine, Mark Dean and Anna Sikorska. read more

Review: Helen Maurer at Danielle Arnaud

Light and Glass

The artist Helen Maurer has developed a body of work particularly for the show at the Danielle Arnaud. She uses glass, light and video as her medium. They are beautiful sensual type objects. A kind of nostalgia reminds me a little of a collection of glass wear that people use to store in their special room for display purposes.
read more

Review: Peter Matthews – Beers Lambert Contemporary Gallery


I would may be initially perceive his work as conceptual but there seems to be a kind of earth bound spirituality relationship to space, and nature. The press release refers to the maze like madness that Borges writes about. I can relate to in some respects this notion but the sea itself is very much more and apart of us particularly in the UK (being an Island with a long maritime history) as it represents many different things for different reasons. read more

Review: Martin Gustavsson – Maria Stenfors

Paint – Indentations

He is originally from Sweden but now lives and works in London. Traveling between his home country and London lecturing. His paintings are precisely crafted. I would say graphic illustration the high end, kind of baroque feel in some respects with hard lines which seems to be the very much an interest of people at the moment. read more

Review: Barocci – National Gallery

Barocci or  Baroque

Fedorico Barocci is a little known artist from the 16th Century (born around 1533-1612) a high renaissance artist but a precursor to baroque who deviated and tried out new techniques. He was very much one of the fore runners of baroques development during his period referencing light, dark and space. Highly regarded within the art establishment. Although a friend of mine seemed to think he was a minor artist. Well what do you expect from an Italian. My impression is anything after renaissance is not worth talking about. read more

Review: The Bride and the Bachelors – Barbican Art Gallery

The Wedding Cake

Looking at the thing from a superficial – but not entirely erroneous – point of view, these new Pop-people have chosen Marcel Duchamp as their patron saint and placed him in an honored niche. But Marcel Duchamp escaped from this niche very quickly. In a letter dated 10th November 1962, he writes to me: “This Neo-Dada, which they call New Realism, Pop Art, Assemblage etc., is an easy way out, and lives on what Dada did. When I discovered ready-mades I thought to discourage aesthetics. In Neo-Dada they have taken my ready-mades and found aesthetic beauty in them. I threw the bottle-rack and the urinal into their faces as a challenge and now they admire them for their aesthetic beauty.” [page 207, 1965 edition; Dada Art and Anti-Art by Hans Richter; Published by Thames and Hudson.] read more