Review: Pinta London Art Fair

The cherries are still out there to be picked in the orchard

Pinta Art Fair London Showcases Modern and Contemporary art from Latin America, Spain and Portugal. They invite curators and museum directors to purchase work at the fair with grants given by Pinta which these institutions match. Also they celebrate a known artist and this year it is Luis Tomasello interested in light, and colour reflections. Very much art which plays with optical illusion. He reminds me of Bridget Riley with her earlier works. Op-art I suppose would be a way to describe it. He works with grids and shapes that are kind of base reliefs. read more

Review: The London Original Print Fair – The Royal Academy

Usual Suspects

This annual event is always very good to visit. If you would like to buy art simply to hang on your wall or just simply to browse and look at the prints then this is a great place to spend a few hours of your day. They have something for everyone here and it will not put you out of pocket by that much if you go to shop. read more

London Art Fair, Islington

New year. New Art Fair.

Well not that new really, but you know what I mean. For many it’s a bit of a trek (me included) up to the Islington Design Centre, but it’s worth it when you get there; for the art, the people, and the free whisky (of which more later).

Oh My God…. this is the 25th year of the London Art Fair (LAF). How time flies when you’re hobnobbing with the artist-ocracy.
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Frieze – Thomas Dane Stand F13 and many more.

Put it back together again.

Walead al Beshty art piece glass, silicone, metal, tape, plywood and screws; decides gravity is in the natural order of things as it starts to fall off its pedestal at the stand F13. Bystanders are shocked as the piece decides that where it sits is not big enough. The person at the stand was quick to the rescue and spent part of the afternoon trying to put it back together again. ‘What do we do when we fall down; we get up‘, yeah bullshit.  [..A really bad line from Batman the movie]. read more